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風車出版 Windmill Books Made in China Age 3+

SKU: 4714426203148

Windmill Publishing Windmill Nursery Rhymes Singing Picture Book Windmill Editor Group Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
16 fun-filled fun songs with colorful lyrics, enhance the interactive function between children and music, so that children can easily enter the song situation.

■ Product Description
songs are presented in a lively and diverse way. Children can freely choose the song mode and music mode, and they can easily sing at any time to create their own singing stage and become a little musician.

1. let the children grow up happy in the singing.
2. Give the child the most singing material to promote the child's whole brain development.
3. With the use of music scores, it can strengthen the coordination of children's hands, eyes and brain.
4. Accompanied with children to sing and dance, can enhance the intimate interaction between parents and children.
1. Outings
2. The sun is coming out
3. Fishing songs
4. Pugs
5. Buddhism
6. Spring is coming
7. Guessing Balls
8. Ten Indians
9. Ugly Ducklings
10. Head and shoulders and knees toe
11. Fish and fish swimming in the water
12. Home
13. Jasmine
14. Happy to move forward
15. Mr. Wang has a piece of land
16. Splashing water
■ Product Features
Fun virgin karaoke Let the little baby grow up in the singer!

1. singing to the children of the most diverse materials, promote the child's brain development: baby accompanied with singing, learning songs in singing, so that childhood becomes colorful.

2. Let the children happy to listen to songs, music literacy training: catchy melodies easy to train their children the basic concepts of music in singing.

3. with the use of music, can enhance a sense of child-eye coordination, hand and brain: with a large font marking the Chinese lyrics full, rich colorful layout without reading pressure, let the children easy to sing.

4. 16 Shou fun songs familiar to enhance children's interest in singing: a collection of 16 fun songs, catchy let the children of famous classic nursery rhymes in the play.

5. contains two teaching led to sing, highly interactive game: book two marked complete action led to sing, baby sing and dance along with rhythm, stimulate the child's brain development.

6. accompanied by dancing and singing with their children, to promote close interaction between parents and children: to accompany the children singing and dancing together to sing nice songs, not only can increase the child's confidence and sense of accomplishment, more to enhance parent-child room Intimate interaction.

7. unique "music" and "Ballad" switching mode, free transform more convenient: intimate music and songs designed to switch modes, let the kids have their own exclusive home karaoke OK.

Notes / 1, please use accompanied by a guardian, children avoid eating this product. 2. Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time. 3. Do not place the product in a hot or humid place or touch the fire source.
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] nursery rhymes sing picture book
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading age: 3 years old
bar code: 4714426203148
size: 21cm * 15cm * 2.5cm
page Number: 34
Publication Date: April 2013