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風車出版 Windmill Toys Made in China Age 3+

SKU: 4714426205654

Windmill Publishing Windmill Magnetic Cognition Windmill Editor Group Taiwan Import


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Product Features:
  • Designed for preschool children, multi-functional preschool aids
  • Where to learn, learn anywhere, anytime
  • Guide the child to easily recognize ABC and practice pinyin through a simple arrangement process.
  • Through the game, you can provide a happy learning environment for your child.
  • Accompanying young children to learn together can enhance the intimate interaction between parents and children.
  • Designed for preschool children, multi-functional preschool teaching aids: contoured magnet material, safe and easy to operate, with operational and practical functions, and educational significance, is a puzzle aid for children .
  • Where to learn where to learn, you can learn anytime, anywhere: small and light, easy to carry, no matter where you are, you can accompany your child to learn cognitively.
  • Improve brain and limb coordination in young children
  • Finger pen to help children's bone development
  • Enhance the growth of muscles in children's hands
  • Improve the concentration and stability of young children
  • Introducing the concept of children's logarithm and quantity
  • Bright colors attract the attention of young children