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The First Years Oral Care Made in China

SKU: FY-7065

The First Years Toothbrush & Oral Care Set

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Product Features:

  • The fingertip toothbrush can be used after the baby is born.
  • Tephs can be used when your baby has an early tooth. The rounded node design on the gutta-percha can help the baby to relieve the discomfort of the teeth.
  • Baby toothbrush can be used after the baby has grown out of the incisors. Soft, flat bristles clean the newly growing incisors while also cleaning the gums and tongue. The rounded design of the top of the toothbrush fits into the baby's mouth.
  • Children's toothbrushes can be used to clean the front teeth and the molars. The rounded top bristles gently protect the enamel and fragile gums of the teeth. The comfortable handle makes it easy for parents and babies to grip and not slip off.
  • The interesting drop-shaped toothbrush holder keeps the toothbrush upright to reduce bacterial contact.
  • The matching storage bag ensures that the entire care kit is clean and tidy.