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Real Sonic Skin Care Tools Made in China 1 Year Warranty

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Real Sonic Amethyst Goddess Rod

Pre-ordered, available on: 2023-02-15

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Real Sonic designed Amethyst Massaging Facial Beauty Tool that utilizes sonic vibration massage to help refresh and restore a youthful look to the skin. This sleek slim lined tool with its sonic Amethyst head, vibrates at 6,000 pulses per minute. Press and glide the tool around the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, jawline and neck to help temporarily soften fine lines and wrinkles to obtain toned, radiant skin.

Amethyst Massage Stone with Soothing Vibration

Temporarily Softens Lines and Wrinkles

Designed for the Face and Neck

Suitable for Most Skin Types

Unique Ultra Slim Design

How to Use: Unscrew the battery cover and insert the AA battery. Screw the battery cover on tightly. Then gently turn the battery cover counterclockwise until it vibrates. On clean dry skin apply a small amount eye cream, oil or your favorite moisturizer. Hold the tool in a way that is comfortable in your hand. Suitable for most skin types.

Eye Area:

Gently press and glide the tool under the eye area starting from the center of your face moving up and around to the brow area.

Brow Area:

Gently press and glide the tool just at the brow bone, moving from the middle of your face to the outside of your face.


Gently press and glide the tool upward, moving from the middle of your face to the outside of your face.

Lip Area :

Gently press and move the tool around the outside of the lip area in upward motions.


Gently press and roll the tool in upward motions along jawline starting at chinned moving upward toward the ear.

Neck Area:

Starting at the base of the neck, gently press and move the tool in upward motions toward jawline. *Do not roll the tool along your throat area.


產品由購買日起有1年原廠保養, 需保留購物正單, 盒,說明書及產品整套為產品保養。必需齊備才能進行保養 , 人為損壞除外。

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