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薑心比心 Ginger Body Wash Made in Taiwan

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Ginger Heart Ginger Ginger Milk Soup Taiwan Brand

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Product Features:

  • Add ginger, osmanthus and other plant extracts.
  • Relax and give skin moisture.
  • Warm ginger helps warm the body and strengthens metabolism.
  • It is especially suitable for postpartum women. Postpartum women use gingival syrup water. The procedure and time are also quite complicated. The use of ginger heart products can solve all these inconveniences. It can be used to warm the body and promote blood running. . For postpartum care, it is convenient and simple, and can be used for a long time to improve physical fitness and protect the body.
  • The opaque single-mouth, non-woven soup powder packaging, do not worry about the soup powder damp.
  • It is suitable for bathing, soaking feet, hot compresses, and bathing.

Other Information:

Applicable skin type: Mild texture, suitable for general skin type.
Main ingredients: 100% natural flowers such as ginger and sweet-scented osmanthus.
Product Description: Add ginger, sweet-scented osmanthus and other natural extracts. Slowly enter the bath filled with ginger, let the ginger energize your body and mind, relax, relieve the skin, prevent the skin from drying out and moisturize. The opaque single-mouth, non-woven soup powder packaging, do not worry about the soup powder damp.

How to use:

[ Bathing] Throw a packet of soup powder into the bathtub. The water temperature is 38~40 degrees, the water level does not exceed the chest, and the soaking time is 15 minutes after sweating.
[ Bathing Feet ] Throw a packet of soup powder into the foot bath, the water temperature is 40 degrees, the water level is near the calf, and the soaking time is 20 minutes.
[Hot compress] Add hot water and a packet of soup powder to the washbasin, soak the towel and apply it to the joints and shoulders for 10 minutes. If the temperature of the water is not enough, the towel can be heated again.
[ Bathing] Use a washbasin to add hot water and a packet of soup powder, soak the towel, wring it out and wipe the whole body, which is most suitable for the woman during the confinement period.

Precautions: Please use the skin test first for the first time. If the skin is not suitable after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

Storage method: Please place it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.