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【物流消息】近期訂單的送貨服務或受影響 [Logistics News] Updated on 2022.03.23

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【2022.03.23 更新】



Jumppoint 派件服務已逐步回復正常。


【2022.03.10 更新】有關物流送貨時效




發貨日期為3月10日或之前:發貨將不受影響,請等待送貨公司更新貨件追蹤訊息/ 通知送貨。

發貨日期為3月11日或之後,使用 C1 2-4工作天送貨:本店將會繼續為訂單發貨,顧客會經電郵收到發貨通知,惟發貨後仍需等待物流公司收貨及送貨。目前我們仍有其他物流公司可用,我們會因應情況選擇適合的物流公司送貨。Jumppoint方面預計送貨服務將於3月17日有所改善,逐漸回復正常。敬請耐心等待,多謝體諒。


如訂單許可,建議選用 C2 4-6工作天送貨。如使用C1 2-4工作天送貨,目前只有有限度的收送服務。

【2022.03.10 Update】About logistics delivery time

Affected by the epidemic measures and the recent surge in the number of orders, the services of many logistics companies have been delayed. According to logistics companies, there are diagnosed delivery workers every day, leading to shortage on manpower. SF Express and Jumppoint announced respectively on March 5 and March 10, that the delivery time for upcoming orders cannot be guaranteed until further notice. We estimate that the delivery time will be delayed by 3-7 working days. However, due to the continuous impact of the epidemic, the number of days is a rough estimate for reference only.

We will try our best to coordinate with the logistics companies to process and deliver the order as soon as possible. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

<Order has been placed>
Date of dispatch on or before March 10: Your order will dispatch on time, please wait for the shipping company to update the shipment tracking information/ delivery notification.

Date of dispatch onMarch 11 or later, use C1 2-4 working days shipping: We will continue to deliver the order, and the customer will receive a delivery notice via email, but still need to wait for the logistics company to pick up and process. At present, we still have other logistics companies available, and we will choose a suitable logistics company for delivery according to the situation. Please be patient and thank you for your understanding.

<Order not yet placed>
If available, it is recommended to choose C2 4-6 working days for delivery. If you use C1 for 2-4 working days delivery, currently only limited delivery service is available.


【2022.03.03 物流消息】近期訂單的送貨服務或受影響
1. 在解禁後重新安排送貨
2. 更改收貨地址/轉為自提點/櫃
3. 採用不接觸式送貨
4. 其他個別安排方式



[2022.03.03 Logistics News] Delivery service for recent orders may be affected
Affected by the epidemic measures, the logistics services of various delivery companies may be delayed in recent days.
If the delivery address is located in a building with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days or a building requiring enclosure/forced inspection, there is a chance that the delivery may not be delivered. Depending on the delivery company assigned to the order, one of the following arrangements will be followed :
1. Reschedule delivery
2. Change delivery address/transfer to self-pickup point/locker
3. Adopt contactless delivery
4. Other individual arrangements

In addition, due to the latest development of the epidemic in Hong Kong, many delivery companies can only provide limited services. The delivery scope and delivery time may be affected. Please pay attention to SMS/email/phone notification.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.